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What to Know About Accidents Before Grabbing an Uber

What to Know About Accidents Before Grabbing an Uber langhorne


Ride-share programs like Uber are taking off, but what kind of risk are you taking riding with them? You are riding in someone’s personal vehicle, possibly in heavy traffic, and they may not even be certified as a commercial driver. Before you pull up that app and accept a ride, consider these points.

Recovering After an Accident

As with any car accident, safety is the priority. Assess the situation and determine if you need medical attention. Call the paramedics if necessary. Once you have received medical attention, it’s time to contact a criminal lawyer in Langhorne who can guide your through the following processes:

  • You may be approached by the driver’s insurance company or by representatives of Uber to sign a statement about the accident. Check with your attorney first because the insurance company and Uber both want to avoid as much liability as possible.
  • Dash cam video footage may be available. Many drivers are equipped with cameras for their safety as well as that of their passengers, so it is possible that the accident was captured on video.

Uber and insurance companies are likely not going to be on your side. If you are injured, you need to protect your rights.

Understanding Liability

As your criminal lawyer in Langhorne can tell you, many Uber drivers are independent contractors, and when it comes to liability, that is very different from being an employee. An employee is a representative of the company, and the company assumes the risk for the employee’s actions. An independent contractor may be solely responsible for his or her own actions. This is going to be the difference between suing Uber and suing the driver’s insurance company.


While ride-sharing is a great way for drivers to earn money and passengers to get from place to place, there are certain inherent risks. Make sure you are protected in the event of a car accident by hiring a reputable criminal lawyer in Langhorne.

What to Know About Accidents Before Grabbing an Uber

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