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How Long Does It Take to Expunge a Case in PA?

People who were arrested but who were ultimately not convicted are able to expunge that arrest from their records. This can be done with the assistance of a criminal lawyer in Langhorne. Most often, an expunge case in Pennsylvania takes between three and six months to complete, but it can vary depending on how efficient all the government agencies are at the time.

Start an Application


First, a person will need to submit an application to the state’s Attorney Office. As long as the individual does not have an extensive criminal record, this step should be completed relatively quickly. Generally, the state can sign off on it within a couple weeks.

Send to State Repository


Once the application is initially accepted, it will then be sent to the state repository for a more comprehensive review. The application is then submitted to various law enforcement agencies that have records of the individual’s arrest. This is usually the longest step. The length of time it takes ultimately comes down to have busy all those law enforcement agencies are at the time and when they can finally get to the submission. This step alone can sometimes take up to five months.

Have a Judge Sign Off


Occasionally, a judge will merely sign off on the expunge case, and the person will not have to step inside a courtroom. However, there are times when the person will need to show up and answer some additional questions. A few items judges often want to know about include the source of revenue for the individual and the actual crime being expunged.

There are many reasons why someone would want to expunge a crime. A criminal record can get in the way of employment, housing opportunities and federal assistance. After a trial is over and the person has avoided a conviction, it is vital to see a criminal lawyer in Langhorne to pursue an expunge case.

How Long Does It Take to Expunge a Case in PA?

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