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Vehicle Search and Seizure Laws in Pennsylvania: 3 Things to Know

Vehicle Search and Seizure Laws in Pennsylvania: 3 Things to Know langhorne

It can be frightening and confusing to find yourself in a vehicle search and seizure situation in Pennsylvania, especially if unfamiliar with your rights as they pertain to car searches. If a police search yields evidence that holds negative repercussions for you, or if a search was unlawful, then contacting a criminal lawyer in Langhorne helps protect your rights.


Familiarizing Yourself With the Law Offers the Best Protection in Case of a Vehicle Search

While not imperative that you understand all of the ins and outs of vehicle search laws, knowing these three facts helps you determine the best decision when facing the possibility of a sudden vehicle search.

  1. Providing consent gives police the go ahead

The preferred method of an officer to gain entry to your vehicle for a search is through your consent. Keep in mind you are not required to give consent, even if an officer of the law tries to convince you that approving a search will be easier and less incriminating. In fact, if you have contraband that could incriminate you in a crime, you have nothing to lose by not giving the consent.

  1. Probable cause allows for searches

An officer needs neither your consent nor a warrant to search if they feel they have probable cause, or reasonable grounds, to do so. This means that if they have ascertained enough facts to believe a search is warranted, they can perform one. Officers work diligently to uphold the laws; however, things can get murky when proving probable cause. If you feel your rights were violated during a vehicle search, contact a criminal lawyer in Langhorne as soon as possible.

  1. If within view, it’s fair game

Even if you have been pulled over for unrelated reasons, if a form of contraband is visible to police from outside the car, they can seize the items.

Know Your Rights and Seek Help

Having knowledge of your legal rights in the event of car searches puts you at an advantage, and speaking with a criminal lawyer in Langhorne will assist you in strengthening your case, protecting your rights and getting your questions answered.

Vehicle Search and Seizure Laws in Pennsylvania: 3 Things to Know

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