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How DUI Attorneys Can Handle An Underage DUI Case

How DUI Attorneys Can Handle An Underage DUI Case

If you’re under the age of twenty-one and are found by the police to have consumed alcoholic drinks, you will be subject to arrest, with possible penalties including jail time, fines, and suspension of your driver’s license. Should you or your child be caught in this situation, you need the help of a qualified attorney that handles underage DUI’s to take up your case as soon as possible.

Getting All the Facts

To properly represent an underage client, it is imperative that a lawyer know all the facts going in. The slightest omission could be the difference between an acquittal, a dismissal of the charges, or any other move that could benefit the defendant. The details of any underage DUI arrest are likely to be unique and the attorney should know them. From there, the attorney will devise a strategy based upon the specific circumstances of the case.

Juvenile Court

One of the tasks of a lawyer representing alleged underage DUI’s is to do everything possible to make sure a minor charged with DUI is tried in juvenile, not adult court. Usually this is not an issue, especially for first time offenders. However, prosecutors may attempt to try an underage defendant in adult court if the crime is alleged to be serious or if the defendant had previous convictions.

Rehabilitation Measures

Sometimes cases involving underage DUI’s are likely to head to a conviction. In this case, it’s advisable for the defendant to appeal to the court for a rehabilitation plan. This can include undergoing classes that teach the dangers of driving while drunk, going to a driving school, or undergoing probation. First time defendants in particular should ask their attorney about these measures, as requesting them will inform the court that the defendant is willing to learn from the incident and may take that into consideration.

Underage DUI’s are a serious matter. Accused persons or parents of teenagers who have been accused of this crime should get a qualified lawyer to handle their case and ensure their defense is the best possible.

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