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The Consequences of Parole Violations in Pennsylvania


The Consequences of Parole Violations in Pennsylvania


After an individual has been released from prison, he or she will enter a period of time referred to as parole. This period essentially serves as a test to show that a person is able to reintegrate into society. Certain provisions need to be met, and there are severe consequences related to parole violation in Pennsylvania that you should be aware of whether you are a parolee or you know someone who is.


A couple things can happen if you violate parole depending on the severity of the violation. You may end up getting increased sanctions placed on you, which means you may have to report more frequently for drug tests or have a mandatory curfew you need to abide by. You may also be sent to a Parole Violator Center to complete a program that can last anywhere between 60 and 120 days. There is also the possibility you will immediately be sentenced back to jail for parole violation in Pennsylvania.


Even a small slip up while you are on parole can have disastrous consequences, and there are several things that can get you punished. Naturally, a parole officer will go over everything in great detail before setting an individual on parole. Some of the things that count as parole violations include:

  • Failure to retain steady employment
  • Failure to inform parole officer of changing residences
  • Inability to pass a random drug test
  • Failure to make progress on any outstanding fines

Violating parole is considered a crime, and therefore, an individual is entitled to a trial and due process. If it can be shown that the person did not truly violate parole or that the violation was far more harmless than initially expected, then consequences may not come to the person. Parole violation in Pennsylvania is taken very seriously, so if you are accused of it, take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

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