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Pennsylvania Drug Possession Laws



Pennsylvania Drug Possession Laws

Having on your person or otherwise in your possession substances that are illegal or controlled is considered a crime in Pennsylvania. If you have knowingly possessed drugs and do not have a prescription for any controlled substance, then you can be found guilty of drug possession. Knowing the law and understanding it is your best chance of being able to defend against such charges. However, if you cannot defend yourself against your actions, you could face penalties.

Defense Possibilities

Because the law specifies that you have to knowingly possess the drugs, if you didn’t know you were in possession, you can use that as a defense. In addition, the law also states there must be a specific amount of the drug found, so if there wasn’t an illegal amount, you could use that as a defense. If you have a prescription or a license as a medical professional, you also can defend against the charges. Finally, if law enforcement did not follow the proper protocol, such as conducting an unlawful search and seizure, you can defend yourself by stating your rights were violated.


If you cannot mount a defense against the drug possession charges, you will face penalties when you are found guilty. The penalties you will face will vary based on the drug found, the amount of the drug, your criminal history and the classification of the crime. It can be a misdemeanor or felony. You could be sentenced to spend time in jail and pay fines. You may also be sent to prison for more serious offenses.

Being caught in possession of an illegal drug or having a controlled substance in your possession without proper permission is a serious offense in the state of Pennsylvania. You could face serious repercussions, including large fines and even prison time. With courts seriously cracking down on drugs, being found guilty of drug possession is a major crime that comes with intense consequences.

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