How Does Bail Work in Pennsylvania?

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October 22, 2019
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How Does Bail Work in Pennsylvania?

An unexpected arrest can immediately throw your life into a tailspin. When you or a loved one gets arrested, you naturally want to get out on bail right away. Making bail allows you to attend to your personal affairs while your case is pending. In addition, being free on bail makes it a lot easier to gather the information that you need to pursue your defenses to the charges. In order to negotiate bail, you need to understand how bail works. Our criminal defense attorney Richard Fink explains how bail works in Pennsylvania.

How does bail work in Pennsylvania?

Bail works in Pennsylvania by allowing a criminal defendant to be free and out of jail until their criminal case resolves. Bail is a conditional release. The defendant has to comply with the terms of bail in order to stay out on bail while the case is pending. Terms of bail may include posting an amount of money with the court or complying with conditions of conduct. Bail works in Pennsylvania by allowing you to stay out of jail while the case is pending as long as you follow the terms of bail given in your case.

How is bail determined in PA?

In PA, bail is determined by a judge or magistrate who presides over the case. The judge sets an appropriate bail amount based on a number of factors including the severity of the charges, the criminal history of the defendant, whether the defendant is a flight risk and any other important facts in the case. Both the state prosecutor and the defendant can give input into the terms of bail. Bail may mean just posting an amount of money, or it might include complying with specific terms like avoiding certain locations or testing for alcohol use.

What does unsecured bail mean in PA?

Unsecured bail in PA means that you don’t have to post the amount of bail with the court in order to stay out of jail. It’s kind of like being let out on your own recognizance but with a penalty if you violate the terms of your bail. For people with unsecured bail, a violation of bail means that you can be put in jail and ordered to pay the bail amount. Unsecured bail means there’s no money up front as a condition of pretrial release.

Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney for bail modification

Securing the right terms of bail is a critical part of effectively handling a criminal charge. Don’t overlook this important aspect of your criminal case. Our criminal defense attorney Richard Fink can help you examine and address your bond conditions until you have the best possible terms. Let our legal team fight for your best interests during all stages of your case. We’re prepared to fight from the very beginning and throughout your entire case including addressing conditions of bail.

If you’re facing criminal charges, call Richard Fink for an evaluation of your case including bond conditions. Together, we can fight for you. Call us today.