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What is Considered “Robbery” in Pennsylvania?

Some people may not be aware that there is a difference between robbery and theft, or they may not fully understand what separates the two. This is a difference worth understanding, robbery is considered to be a greater threat and therefore carries a higher penalty. Take a look at what separates the two and the characteristics that comprise a robbery case.

What is Considered “Robbery” in Pennsylvania?

What is Considered "Robbery" in Pennsylvania?

Theft vs. Robbery

Both theft and robbery involve one party taking property from another party without their consent. There are different levels of theft and robbery, which carry specific fines. However, robbery carries the higher fines because it includes harm or threat of harm. For instance, if an individual is caught breaking into a home and stealing a homeowner’s jewelry, that person would be charged with theft. On the other hand, if the individual took the jewelry from the homeowner at gunpoint, then the individual would be charged with robbery. Understandably, the use or possible use of force is considered more dangerous, and therefore carries a greater penalty.

Key Characteristics of a Robbery Case

In order to obtain a conviction on a robbery case, there are a few things that must be proven:

  • property was taken from a person
  • it was against the person’s wishes
  • coercion or intimidation was used
  • a clear intent of depriving the person of the property

If the state is able to show all of these things, then a person will most likely be convicted of robbery. In such cases, individuals can face up to 20 years in prison.

Call Richard R. Fink For Help With Your Robbery Case in Pennsylvania

It is clear to see that there is a strong difference between theft and robbery. If you or a loved one is facing a robbery case, having the right counsel is critical. You not only want to secure an attorney, but it can also be helpful to make sure that they commonly handle theft and robbery cases.

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