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What Are Property Crimes?

What Are Property Crimes?

There are many different forms of property crimes in Pennsylvania with a wide range of different options for sentencing in the 21st-century. At the Law Offices of Richard Fink our criminal lawyer in Yardley, Pennsylvania aims to provide a thorough and professional defense for all those charged with property crimes. Whether you are charged with theft, vandalism, arson, or any other property crimes, we believe you deserve the best defense possible from a criminal lawyer aiming to have your case dismissed.

What are property crimes?

There are many forms of property crimes, which usually involves the damage or theft of the property of another person. Our criminal lawyer in Yardley has the skills to work in a range of different areas for your benefit as the defendant in any criminal case. The most commonly tried property crime cases involve crimes against a home or car but the term property is now changing to take in the digital presence of an individual.

The traditional criminal property charges include theft of items from a home or car with damage also tried under vandalism laws. It is also possible to be charged with a criminal property misdemeanor or felony for receiving stolen goods or selling items in what is known as retail fraud.

Digital property crimes

Our criminal lawyer in Yardley has developed skills in defending the new wave of crimes taking place on the Internet or over the Cloud. Fraud charges used to be limited to bank or credit card issues but these are just a few of the crimes listed in terms of property damage in the 21st-century. To receive a full and proper defense, we at the Law Offices of Richard Fink believe it is important your attorney has knowledge of issues including computer trespass and access device fraud.

Sentencing issues

We believe our criminal lawyers operating out of our Yardley office have the skills to limit your problems with charges in this sector. A first-degree felony charge for property crimes can carry huge sentences for the individual, including a jail sentence of up to 20 years and a fine of $25,000. Our criminal lawyers work diligently to lower the charge you are facing to ensure you receive the lowest possible sentence for any alleged crimes. In Pennsylvania, a summary offense carries a far lower sentence of no more than 90 days in jail and fines not exceeding $300.

If you are charged with a criminal property offense in Pennsylvania make sure your first call is to the Law Offices of Richard Fink. Our criminal lawyer in Yardley will fight on your behalf to achieve the lowest charge and sentence or have your case dismissed without a result.