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Should You Tell Your Attorney if You Are Guilty?

Should You Tell Your Attorney if You Are Guilty?


There are many advantages to telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to your attorney before your court case.

This will help them create a solid defense strategy for you. The only way they can craft the best possible defense for you is if they have the true facts about your case.

Even if you are undoubtedly guilty, a great lawyer may still be able to win a case or at least have it dismissed due to mitigating circumstances. Remember, it’s down to the defense to prove you’re guilty rather than you to prove yourself innocent.

At the very worst, the lawyer will have a better chance of getting your sentence reduced.

Unless you also have a law degree, it’s likely your attorney will be able to identify circumstances that provide a way out of a guilty sentence a lot better than you.

If your attorney doesn’t know the true details of what happened, then these are going to provide a curve ball for them in court and harm your defense.

Attorney-Client Privilege

The ethics of the legal profession binds your attorney not to reveal anything in court that you don’t give them permission to reveal.

However, your attorney will not lie on your behalf in court. It is highly unlikely that they will agree to represent you in court if they know you are planning to lie. Doing so would mean they are an accomplice to your perjury. In this case, you need to find someone else to represent you.

It’s highly recommended to tell the truth to your attorney. Knowing the truth allows them to focus less on whether you did it and more on whether the court can prove if you did it.

Should You Tell Your Attorney if You Are Guilty?

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