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Marijuana DUI’s

You have likely seen numerous campaigns warning against the dangers of drinking and driving. However, driving while under the influence of marijuana is also a serious crime. If you are convicted of a marijuana DUI, then you could be facing a fine, license suspension or even jail time.

Marijuana DUI’s

Marijuana DUI’s

What to Keep in Mind Regarding Marijuana DUI’s

Getting an alcohol-related DUI is tough to fight. If the police officer conducted a breathalyzer test, then there might be evidence that you were driving while under the influence. However, no such tests exist for marijuana. Most police officers write someone up for a marijuana-related DUI because the person or the car smells like the substance.

This can lead to a wrongful accusation. Your life could be turned completely upside down simply because the officer in question assumed you had smoked marijuana before driving. However, numerous explanations exist for why you or the vehicle smells like it, including:

  • The driver was standing or sitting next to people who were smoking but never actually smoked
  • The driver may have been near a material that smells like marijuana but is not actually that substance
  • The driver or one of the passengers might be wearing a perfume or fragrance that smells like weed
  • Something near the car smells like marijuana, affecting the officer’s sense of smell

Simply smelling marijuana is a completely subjective accusation, but people’s lives have been greatly affected by this. Additionally, the police officer in question might be biased and believe he or she is smelling marijuana when that is not the case at all. When it comes to the court of law, facts should be used instead of someone’s opinions.

If you have been accused of a marijuana DUI, then you should seek legal assistance to help you fight it. Richard R. Fink can defend you and reduce the likelihood of you having to go to jail or pay a fine.

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