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Knives that are Legal (or Illegal) in PA

Knives that are Legal (or Illegal) in PA


Which Knives Can Be Carried in Pennsylvania


There are a number of legitimate reasons to carry a knife, especially a hunting knife or jackknife, which can come in handy when hunting or for the occasional envelope that needs to be opened. If you ever find yourself in the midst of a lawsuit regarding knives, however, it can be helpful to know if your knife is on the right side of the law or not.


Knives That Are Illegal in Pennsylvania


While Pennsylvania doesn’t have exact laws on what knives can be carried, prior court cases have ruled against types of knives that are likely to cause severe damage or don’t have a common lawful purpose. Some examples include the following:


  • Automatic knives
  • Daggers
  • Sword canes
  • Large undeclared concealed knives


What Knives Can Be Owned in Pennsylvania?


Court cases in the past have ruled that useful knives, such as penknives and small self-defense knives, are legal to carry in Pennsylvania. While many of these must be openly carried, such as hunting knives, a small self-defense knife might be permissible as a concealed carry. Non-lethal knives can be freely purchased in PA because of this.


It makes sense to avoid carrying knives of any kind when it isn’t necessary if only to avoid litigation. Pennsylvania recognizes the right of citizens to carry useful knives, but if the knife is likely to be used as a weapon, the law isn’t known to be lenient.

Knives that are Legal (or Illegal) in PA

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