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How Your Criminal Lawyer in Langhorne Can Help You Fight Police Scanners

There are many ways to stay up to date with police activity through a criminal lawyer in Langhorne. Tuning into local news or following your local police department’s Twitter page are common actions. However, many people like staying in the loop with police scanners. You might be wondering if you need to speak with a criminal lawyer in Langhorne before getting access to one of these devices, but that is not necessary.

Are They Legal?

The short answer is, “Yes.” Many people own scanners to see what is going on in their neighborhood. There is nothing illegal about tuning into police radio frequencies because those signals are considered public. It has been that way since the Communications Act of 1934. There is also the Freedom of Information Act that specifies police activity within the public’s interest.

Are There Restrictions?

With all that being said, there are certain things you cannot use a police scanner for. You cannot use a scanner in order to avoid prosecution. For example, if you committed a crime and used a scanner to be aware of the local police’s location relative to you, then that would be an additional crime you would be charged with in the event you get apprehended. Additionally, it might be all right to own a scanner, but it is still a crime to tap into a police department’s telephone system.

Could Changes Come in the Future?

Some police departments are working with encryption now to make it impossible for the general public to listen in on certain scanner activities without permission. There is currently debate about whether encryption is the best course of action to take. The next few years will be important in the kind of information the public can get from the police.

If you just want access to police scanners because you are curious about what is going on around your city, then you generally have nothing to worry about. Any more information related to scanners can be learned by speaking with a criminal lawyer in Langhorne.

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