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Conviction of a Serious Crime and Gun Rights

Conviction of a Serious Crime and Gun Rights

Conviction of a Serious Crime and Gun Rights

Does Conviction of a Serious Crime Mean the Loss of Gun Rights? The 2nd Amendment of the United States is a hotly contested issue in the current political climate. However, at its core, this amendment states that people have a fundamental right to bear arms. Similar to most other laws, there are exceptions to this rule. Those who have a serious crime conviction generally lose their gun rights.

What Crimes Can Make a Person Lose the Right to Have a Gun?

If an individual is convicted of a violent crime such as attempted murder, then most of the time, the right to own a firearm is taken away. This is done for the safety of the community. However, if the crime a person was convicted of was not violent, then the issue is not as black and white. For non-violent crimes, an individual can keep his or her guns even if the sentence resulted in over a year of jail time.

Potential to Reach the Supreme Court

There are some judges in this country who believe that any felony conviction, even if it was for a non-violent crime, should result in the loss of gun ownership. Naturally, there are individuals on the other side of the aisle who argue that the right to bear arms is a crucial aspect of being an American. This issue has gotten so divisive that recent rulings may be brought forth the Supreme Court. In the event that were to occur, more formal guidelines would be established on who can and cannot own a gun.

Gun rights are arguably the most contested issue currently going on in America. Depending on the state and local court, gun ownership may not be infringed upon depending on the severity of the crime. There are also arguments as to whether the right to bear arms can be restated if a felon with a previous conviction has shown good behavior since being released from incarceration. These issues are still up in the air, but at the end of the day, everyone just wants the general public to remain protected. Visit the weapons charges section of our website here for more information.

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