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5 Tips on Getting Your DUI Expunged

5 Tips on Getting Your DUI Expunged

The worst part about a DUI is having it on your criminal record permanently. And while you cannot go back in time and change the events that lead to the DUI, you can get it expunged. Expungement is the legal term for having files related to your arrest, convictions and acquittal sealed away and out of the reach of potential employers or anybody else. You basically get a clean slate.

While not all cases are eligible for an acquittal, these 5 tips can help you get a DUI expunged.

1.         Make Sure You Complete Your Punishment

It does not matter what the situation of your DUI is, you will be penalized in one way or another. Either by having to pay a fine or some other restriction. If you wish to get an Expungement to make sure that you don’t mess up your punishment and complete it. Also, listen to the advice of your  DUI attorney in Pennsylvania. Non-payment of fines, not attending rehab, non-completion of some community service or any other requirement can make matters worse and you can bid farewell to your Expungement.

2.         Try Not To Repeat Your Mistakes

You know how things can escalate and how it all happened the first time. In the period between the completion of your punishment and when you are eligible to submit an Expungement application, try not to repeat those mistakes again. You want to keep a clean record and demonstrate good conduct so that you may be deemed eligible for a consideration. Also, you would not want to be rejected before you even get the process started.

3.         Make Sure You Have All the Necessary Paperwork

Courts have a complicated procedure for getting an Expungement. There is likely a load of forms that need to be filled and submitted. It can get really confusing and you can easily end up making mistakes which can complicate the procedure further. So to navigate through the Expungement process it is prudent to have professional legal help. Hire a DUI attorney in Pennsylvania who is familiar with the state’s Expungement regulation and provides you with the guidance you need.

4.         Disclose Your Entire Criminal Record to Your Attorney

It is said that it’s always better to tell your doctor and lawyer the whole truth so that they can help you with your problems better. So make sure that you disclose your entire criminal record to your criminal defense attorney in Pennsylvania so they can make a petition accordingly. If you fail to do so the court will object to your Expungement application on the grounds that you have not disclosed your entire criminal record. Which will then require amendments and delay the process for a long time.

5.         Don’t Wait For Your Criminal Record to Become an Issue

You may not feel like getting an Expungement because your criminal record has not caused a problem for you, yet. But you never know what the future might hold like a new career and you not being able to take the opportunity because of your criminal record. Get an Expungement as soon as you can.

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5 Tips on Getting Your DUI Expunged

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